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Countryfile: A Celebration of the Seasons
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Enjoy Countryfile as you've never seen it before in this exclusive feature length journey through the seasons. Including 50 minutes of specially filmed, never seen on TV footage, alongside beautifully remastered highlights from the series. Join the Countryfile team as they come together to celebrate the quintessential rural beauty of Britain around the year: Adam Henson is on his farm in the throes of the harvest season, Helen Skelton is in the Lake District, enjoying some of her favourite childhood activities, Ellie Harrison gets to grips with managing her Cotswold orchard, Matt Baker nets a Spring catch in Southport and John Craven is on the Summer seas, hoping for a glimpse of one of our most mysterious marine creatures. Also includes an exclusive full length programme - the 25th Anniversary episode - as Countryfile celebrates its Silver Jubilee by throwing a party in the form of a traditional country Summer Fayre. Special Features: 25th Anniversary SpecialHelen Goes Home Making Countryfile Bloopers

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